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3/11Day#1HIP HOP/R&B

  We could say one of the reasons why Hip Hop is attractive is that it is open and is easy to get involved into for everyone. Even though you can't play any instruments or you are not a good singer, it'd be a beginning of rap when you put a rhyme on your own words. I believe Hip Hop culture is composed of four simple factors, rap, DJ, graffiti and dance. For instance, DJ's would need only 2 turn tables and records to perform, and if someone scribbled on the wall, it becomes graffiti. And dance is a way of expressing your body movement. Again, the significant characteristic of Hip Hop is that anyone can start Hip Hop easily. On the other hand, you'd be required the strong originality and style in order to be different and prominent from the others. “Unique creativity as a message sender” would be needed for Hip Hop. The key of this event was “ Independence , to be independent”. Hip Hop requires it the most among all genre of the music and respects the concept in order to express the culture.

  More than 20 artists performed at this event, and the hottest topic was not only the number of participating artists but also the fact that many artists who represented all the said factors of Hip Hop ? rap, DJ, graffiti and dance. The program of the day actually began with DJ spinning the records, and there were constant live acts to follow. Dancers performed in-between the live shows. The art works of TOMI-E and DRAGON were exhibited everywhere, at the entrance, bar counter and the side of main stage (Also, there was a truck painted by TOMI-E which was used for a popular TV show “ Ikebukuro West Gate Park ”). Moreover, TOMI-E even started to paint in live at the tent built outside of the stage area when the shows started. DJ's were constantly performing at many locations of the venue besides on the main stage, and the audience could experience the Hip Hop culture in diverse ways at this event.

  The main thing of the day was still the live shows, and Def Tech was the most remarkable act of the day. They are 2MC group, have sold more than 2,000,000 copies of their album as of March 05 released from an independent label. Their melodic rap and friendly message in their music has become very popular. In fact, the crowd got really enthusiastic when they went on the stage. The middle billing of the act, URBAN GYM expressed their originality of their rap through their performance. URBAN GYM is formed by ZEEBRA, UZI and KM-MARKIT and they train young rappers to give them chances to practice freestyle rap. Even during their performance, one guy suddenly got up to the stage from the floor and played his freestyle rap battle. Of course they easily counterattack but they seemed to respect his guts and challenge at the same time. It was a very symbolic happening of Hip Hop culture and the scene really showed us the important factors, its simplicity and independent style, of Hip Hop
 It was an all-night-event and the audience seemed to have lost their energy when the event was drawing to an end. However, Q from Rappagaria standing by the side of the stage was saying “I always perform with my spirit regardless of the size of the audience.” I saw his faith to Hip Hop in his eyes and believed it is the very Hip Hop attitude.  


  I could experience various aspects of Hip Hop culture through this event, and also all the diverse Hip Hop artists showed me the inner surface of the culture at the same time.