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  The “Band exhibition” which is aimed to freely open the door of music, “Independence-d” was held for its first time. Many of independent labels and artists from the world came to this event. It was actually like a jack-in-the-box and was really stimulating since you would not know what would be happening. While I saw the various bands there, my mob spirit was totally lit
  It was the second day of the event on March 12 th , and most of the acts performed on the main stage were punk bands. Not By Choice is a melodic punk band with great chorus work created by the three front members. Their sound was very straightforward and bracing. Also, the stage of Punchline was awesome. Mike Park's band, Bruce Lee Band is a ska-punk band with horn section, and their diverse sound playing from upper tune to mellow songs heat up the floor. The experts such as Randy and Satanic Surfers showed us their great presence and everyone was excited and enjoyed their mature sound that rookies can't reach to create.
 On this day, they had many of emo and hard-core bands as well, and most of these hard-core bands from overseas provided us their surprisingly powerful sound through their performance. The heavy sound of The Hope Conspiracy, The Red Chord and Arkangel fascinated us strikingly, then I was completely knocked out by The Dillinger Escape Plan who has already been familiar in Japan .

 Japanese bands were also second to none. They had great line-ups of Japanese acts, the trio who has remarkably grown bigger, locofrank, a new hope of emo-hard-core band riddle, a great live band TRIBAL CHAIR, a rising star OCEAN LANE, and ex-Nunchaku member MUKAI's band kamome kamome. It was one of the great things of the event that they had a variety of bands and we could see they were peacefully competing and stimulating each other. Thus, it is not too much too say that Independence-d was such a successful event to enjoy the world wide independent music scene for their first time, and I'm already looking forward to the next time.